Pk Dark backgroundThank you for considering Christian Life Academy!

We honor the importance of deciding who will educate and influence your children.  It matters whose voices and messages are speaking into our children’s lives.  It matters which leaders are setting an example in their lifestyles and personal values.  The amount of time our children will spend with influential teachers matters — especially when we think of the cumulative classroom time of over 15,000 hours which take place during K-12 education.

As parents, we are grateful for voices we can trust speaking into our children’s lives.  Daily, I have witnessed Godly teachers, staff, coaches and others invest and speak words of life, belief, and worship to my children.  They have encouraged a vision for life which is rooted in the understanding that God has a plan for each of their lives.  Teachers connect faith and learning in ways that we as parents may not have been available to do, or in ways we wouldn’t have done.  We need this!  A praying teacher is an invaluable instrument of God to be there in the moment, lovingly leading a child to an understanding of Christ’s love and presence.

After serving in Christian education for nearly 25 years and having three of my own children attend CLA, I am more convinced than ever of the powerful value of a Christ-centered education.  I believe that CLA can provide the education and discipleship that will benefit your child as well.

I recognize that at the heart of the educational decision is trust.  When parents drive up to the school to drop off their children, they are fundamentally assessing trust:  Can they trust CLA to educate in an effective manner?  Can they trust us to provide an environment which protects and encourages their child’s growing relationship with Christ?

We desire to earn your trust.  We want to build a long-term relationship with you, so please ask the questions you need to ask in this process.  We are ready to serve and to provide the information you need as you make this important decision.


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Pastor Darin Kindle