Philosophy Statement / Overview

Science is taught with the acknowledgment that the world in which we live belongs to God, who created and upholds it.  Through scientific inquiry we can perceive a degree of the amazing complexity and orderliness of God’s world.  With this fuller understanding of creation comes a deepened awareness of the goodness and power of its creator.

See Graduation Requirements for credits needed to graduate and recommended for college.

Course Descriptions

Freshman/Sophomore level classes on a 2 year rotation:

Biology  2 semesters

Using regular class work with lab experience, students will study Cells – the basic unit of life, Respiration – the energy of life, and Reproduction – the perpetuation of life.  Students will begin to classify God’s amazing organisms according to specific kingdom and species characteristics.  A unit on the theories of life’s origin will encourage students to question and discover fallacies and evidences surrounding some secular theories while recognizing Biblical truth.   Study of human anatomy and how the body functions with and reacts to its surroundings allow the student to learn the importance of biology in everyday life.  They are encouraged to recognize God’s perfect design in the amazing world He created.

Physical Science  2 semesters

This course is an introduction to Chemistry and Physics and is designed to help students understand physical science principles and recognize the application to everyday life.  Chemistry topics include the elements of life and their organization in the periodic table, solutions, formula writing, and the power and danger of chemical reactions.  Physics topics introduced are mechanics, electricity, magnetism, light, and sound.  A unit on the atom will explore God’s primary building block.  Our purpose is to reinforce the physical properties that govern our world as established by God.

Junior/Senior level classes on a 2 year rotation:

Chemistry  2 semesters

The purpose of this class is to explore God’s order in creation at a molecular level.  To do so, students explore the composition, structure, properties, and transformation of matter.  Extensive lab work supports and illustrates classroom study.  Topics include the periodic table, states of matter, acid-base reactions, Boyle’s law, and bonding.  Students also receive an introduction to organic chemistry and biochemistry.

Physics  2 semesters

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the absolute physical laws set into place by God and how these laws and forces affect our lives.  Topics covered include Newtonian Mechanics (motion, acceleration, forces, momentum, energy), electricity, magnetism, light and sound.  Students develop problem solving competency through classroom study and lab work.  An introduction comparison from sub-atomic particles to galaxies help students broaden their understanding of the physical world God designed.  This course is an excellent foundation for future study in science and engineering.