PSEO Options

Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

The Minnesota Legislature established the PSEO program in 1985 to give students an opportunity to enhance the education that they receive at their local high schools.  The program gives students capable of doing college-level work the opportunity to earn postsecondary credits while completing high school graduation requirements.  It is available for Juniors and Seniors who meet the admissions requirements of the institution they wish to attend.

Christian Life Academy has a part-time PSEO student option which allows students to enroll in up to 2 PSEO classes per semester and still maintain status as a CLA student with full CLA student benefits.  Every PSEO class a student is enrolled in requires un-enrolling from one CLA class.  CLA will work with the student to determine which classes should be dropped to ensure graduation requirements are being met.  All Bible credits must be earned through CLA.

All credits earned through PSEO are considered dual credits – they will appear on both the college transcript and the high school transcript.  The ratio used for college credits versus high school credits is 2 to 1.  For example, a 4 credit college class (1 semester) will earn 2 high school credits (2 semesters).


The student’s grades from PSEO coursework will appear on high school transcripts.  The PSEO grades will become part of the student’s GPA, as well as the valedictorian and salutatorian decision.  However, only PSEO credits that are from the core curriculum of graduation requirements will figure into the valedictorian and salutatorian GPA decision, not elective credits.  The core curriculum would include Social Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, and Foreign Languages.  The elective credits will still be a part of the student transcript and cumulative GPA.  PSEO classes will be weighted as any other high school course.

PSEO coursework is also creating a college transcript.  When students apply for college admission, official transcripts must be requested by the student from the PSEO institution of attendance and sent in as part of the application process.   The PSEO transcript will become part of the student’s full college transcript and will transfer with them to all colleges attended.


  • The student must meet with a CLA school official prior to enrolling in the PSEO program.  This is to give guidance, to ensure the required courses for graduation are completed, and to discuss schedules.
  • It is best to discuss PSEO enrollment early in order to coordinate schedules as effectively as possible.  The deadline for informing CLA of PSEO enrollment is May 1 for first semester, December 1 for second semester.
  • Students will be provided an option to do the PSEO study work here at CLA.  This opportunity is dependent upon the cooperation of the student and their ability to work under supervision without distraction to others.  The supervision may take place in a classroom while another class is in session.  If this study opportunity is not working and the student and/or the classroom is disruptive, then the student can, or may be asked to, study off-campus during the agreed upon PSEO designated hours.
  • Complete the CLA Application for PSEO and submit it to the Guidance Office.


  • Consider enrolling in general education classes, or classes that are part of the intended major of the student.  General education classes typically coordinate best with the CLA schedule.
  • Consult with CLA Guidance on college information.
  • Schedules may not line up for holiday and spring breaks.
  • Students need to be self-starting, independent learners.
  • Students should weigh the self-motivation needed to complete PSEO courses.  Other factors to weigh in this decision include time needed for classes, coordination with other schedules, and travel requirements.
  • Social Changes:  Students are encouraged to reflect on the social changes that accompany this decision.  Some students will notice a change in the level of connection they feel to their high school and/or classmates, as well as a potential challenge to develop connections at the collegiate level.
  • One of the values of senior year is to fully invest in the opportunities for leadership development.  Opportunities such as service learning, class leadership, school-wide leadership and example, discipleship, and ministry opportunities are more uniquely available to upperclassmen than other students, and can be an excellent benefit (i.e. capstone) to the full investment of education here at Christian Life Academy.
  • Many scholarships are based on student leadership and involvement in high school extra-curricular activities.


If a student wishes to become a full-time PSEO student, it would require withdrawal from CLA and all CLA extra-curriculars.