Parent Advisory Council

Mission Statement of Council

It shall be the Mission of the Council to provide the necessary resources and continuity to establish excellence in Christian education in accordance with the ministries of Christian Life Church. The Council will strive to meet the needs of the students and provide a vehicle for communications. It will identify strategies to increase the effectiveness of the school and its contribution to the community.

Relationship to Sponsoring Organization

Christian Life Academy is a ministry of Christian Life Church and therefore the Council’s authority falls directly under the Governing Board of Christian Life Church. It shall be the formulating policy for the conduct of the Academy. The primary function of the Council is to seek the will of God and serve as His instrument in matters concerning CLA. The Council functions largely in: setting of policy, promotion of public relations within the school community, to local churches and local community, supporting facility upkeep, annual approval of the budget, responsibility to raise money or to see that it is raised, and curriculum enhancement. The Council shall advocate the needs of the school to the general Church Board of CLC. Further the council is available to the administration and to the staff to assist in other matters or to make other decisions at the request of the Senior Pastor and/or Administrator.

Foundation Statements

  • Positions on the council will be for two years, with odd number of year terms available as necessary to maintain continuity of the Council.
  • Position may be held for multiple continuous terms.
  • Only Council members have the right to vote.
  • Spouses may share a position on the Council with a shared vote.
  • The representation of members will be as follows:
    • Senior Pastor as ex-officio chair: CLC Constitution and by-laws state that the Senior Pastor is the Ex-officio chair of all departments of the Church.
    • Administrator as Official Chair: as stated in by-laws regarding Pastoral staff member’s assignments.
    • Three CLA parents at large.
    • Two adult members of CLC – may be parents of CLA students.
    • One deacon may be assigned by the Senior Pastor at his discretion.
    • Additional positions may be filled at the discretion of the chair.

Should a parent wish to address the council regarding a specific issue, s/he must present the issue to the administration and request placement on the agenda for the specific item in question, by the Friday prior to the meeting.   Input by parents may need to be limited in proportion to the amount of time required to complete the monthly agenda. A portion of the meeting may be designated as “closed” to allow for discussion of confidential issues. Meetings are scheduled for a one to two-hour time frame.