Philosophy Statement / Overview

Mathematics is the study of numerical and spatial concepts- the measurement, properties and relationships of quantities as expressed in numbers or symbols.  Students are encouraged to see mathematics as part of the truth and order that God has built into reality.  We cannot study or teach mathematics without recognizing God who created a universe of order, which continues to follow a systematic pattern.

CLS currently offers two options for completing Mathematics credits – Standard and Accelerated options.  At the end of seventh grade, teachers make a recommendation for student placement in eighth grade based on SAT test scores, performance and aptitude in the seventh grade classroom, and the family preference.  The sequence is as follows:

 Standard:  Accelerated:
 8th Grade – Intro to Algebra  8th Grade – Algebra 1
 9th Grade – Intermediate Algebra  9th Grade – Algebra 2
 10th Grade – Geometry  10th Grade – Geometry
 11th Grade – Algebra 2  11th Grade – PreCalculus
 12th Grade – PreCalculus  12th Grade – Calculus

See Graduation Requirements for credits needed to graduate and recommended for college.

Course Descriptions

Intermediate Algebra  2 semesters

Algebra I is the study of variables and their role in formulating algebraic statements.  Students will solve and graph variable expressions, variable equations, and variable inequalities.  They will also discover how these equations and inequalities can help solve real life problems as they use them to solve story problems.  Students will mainly deal with linear equations and inequalities, but will be introduced to quadratic functions.  Graphing calculators will be introduced.

Geometry  2 semesters

Geometry deals with the measurement, properties and relationships of points, lines, and angles. Students will study deductive and inductive reasoning, using “if – then” logic to prove concepts of geometry involving definitions and applications of lines and angles, postulates and theorems of triangles, polygons, and polyhedron.  Students will also study transformations, circles, spheres and parallel and perpendicular lines.  Inequality, similarity and concurrences will be topics of discovery.

Algebra II  2 semesters

Algebra II is the further study of linear, exponential, logarithmic, quadratic, polynomial and rational functions.  Students will also reinforce their graphing calculator skills in this course.  There is a strong emphasis on solving and graphing quadratic equations through factoring, completing the square, using square roots and the quadratic formula.  Students also find roots of polynomials through synthetic division, factoring, and square roots.  Imaginary numbers will be introduced as possible solutions and roots, also, with an introduction to chaos theory and fractals.  Students will work with all forms of exponents – both rational and irrational.  In addition, this course will explore analytic geometry, discrete mathematics, probability, sequences, and series.  Trigonometric definitions and functions will be covered as the dynamics of the class allow.

Pre-Calculus  2 semesters

Pre-Calculus is designed to prepare students for calculus and other higher math.  It includes further study of trigonometry, logarithms, functions, inverse functions, polar graphs, matrices, and statistics.  It also includes an introduction to basic calculus topics like sequences, limits, and derivatives.

Calculus  2 semesters

This course is designed to prepare students for college level math. Topics covered include the further study of linear and nonlinear functions, limits, derivatives, integration, multivariable calculus, differential equations, probability, sequences, series and the further study of trigonometric functions. There is also a heavy emphasis on real world application problem solving.