Kwik Trip Milk Moola

Our school participates in the Milk Moola program, sponsored by Kwik Trip.  Milk Moola is an easy way for us to earn cash by simply turning in caps and bag tops from Kwik Trip products such as milk, orange juice, bottled water and Kwik Trip’s line of sports drink and fruit drinks.

For each cap (from bottles and jugs) and bag top (from 1⁄2 gallons of milk and orange juice) that we collect, Kwik Trip will give us 5¢ in cash. This is money we can use for a variety of purposes such as new equipment, books, supplies, and school-sponsored trips. Anywhere there’s a need for extra funding, this program will certainly help.

milkcap_art_sm_ezrStudents can bring the caps and bag tops into school at anytime. We can receive cash payments monthly from Kwik Trip, so there’s no need to save them up at home. Simply bring them in for deposit into our collection box and we can start benefiting from the cash right away.

Click here for the official Milk Moola web site.