Gym Renovation 2009


276x276_gym_with_borderSoon after the school year ended in May of 2009, a much anticipated gym renovation began. The plan included finishing the walls, painting the entire room, adding new mats, and repainting the existing concrete floor. But as work began on the floor, it became apparent that repainting the concrete was not feasible, and an entirely new floor would have to be installed. While this presented an opportunity to drastically improve the quality of the facility, it also represented a huge hurdle. The cost of the new flooring would put the renovation project $50,000 over budget! CLA was suddenly perfectly positioned for a financial miracle!

Without the new flooring in place, the gym would not be useable for the start of the 2009-10 school year. But contracting the installation was not feasible until funding was secured. After much prayer and deliberation, it was decided to TAKE THE NEXT STEP, and an incredible fundraising effort to raise $50,000 was launched! Immediately there was a groundswell of support and $18,500 in pledges came in even before a letter could be mailed announcing the campaign. This momentum continued as pledges trickled in over the next few days. One young elementary student set the standard for his peers when he emptied his piggy bank and donated his life savings to the cause. Administrator Darin Kindle responded with obvious emotion, “This is a great moment in our school’s donation history.”

Within 10 days of the campaign letter being mailed, the $50,000 goal was reached! Pastor Kindle sent an email update reporting, “Through some amazing donations, both in amount and in the number of donors, we have the amount needed to launch the project and TAKE THE NEXT STEP.” Sportcourt, the manufacturer and installer of the new floor, was contracted and work began almost immediately. The installation process took about 4 weeks to complete, and the new and improved gymnasium was functional by the second week of school.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the renovation process!