See Graduation Requirements for credits needed to graduate and recommended for college.

Course Descriptions

Spanish 1 Freshman year  2 semesters

Students will learn basic vocabulary and grammar essential to building a solid foundation for use in upper level classes.  Bible verses and books of the Bible are memorized in Spanish.  Basic cultural awareness of the Spanish-speaking world is introduced.

Spanish 2 Sophomore year  2 semesters

Students will participate in a comprehensive review of basic first-year material, while offering more vocabulary, commands and the preterit and imperfect tenses.  Students will translate, write and perform Don Quixote de la Mancha.

Spanish 3 Junior year  2 semesters

Students will acquire additional Spanish language and cultural awareness skills.  Students will be taught more advanced grammar and vocabulary, and then use their language skills to study Spain and Latin America, in Spanish.  They will initiate, respond to and sustain face-to-face communication in Spanish.  Students will also translate, write and perform original drama to strengthen the link between the written word and expressive communication.

Spanish 4 Senior year  2 semesters

In Spanish 4, the level of grammar and vocabulary taught is further advanced.  Students will identify main ideas and significant details in discussion, presentations, and written texts and will interpret authentic material.  Further study of Spain and Latin America is conducted predominantly in Spanish.  Students will communicate God’s plan of salvation and their testimonies orally and in writing in hopes of using this skill on one of our mission trips to a Latin American country.

Speech Junior/Senior year rotation 1 semester

Students study public speaking and practice it in many speaking situations. They learn to organize information and develop demonstration, informational, persuasive, and inspirational speeches. Through increasing challenges and practice, they gain confidence and skill. In the drama portion of this class, students learn foundational elements of acting and production. Students participate in dramatic readings, readers’ theater, monologues, and group performances. Students are highly encouraged to take part in the annual drama production of the school.

College Writing Junior/Senior year rotation 1 semester

Students are challenged to hone their writing skills before college. Students learn MLA Style to prepare their papers and practice writing about literature that they will later use in college. Students do an extensive research project. Through a multi-genre project, students attempt many types of creative and technical writing all related to a theme of their choosing.

Personal Finance Junior/Senior year rotation 1 semester

Dave Ramsey, creator of Financial Peace University (FPU) for adults to learn how to get out of debt, save, and invest their money, has created a student version of his curriculum. Students learn the importance of saving money – for college, for cars, etc. – as well as the basics of paying taxes, the basics of 401(k) and other investment options, and the power of money to change your life. All is taught from a Biblical perspective, too, where giving and generosity is the starting point.

Praise Team Freshman-Senior year 2 semesters

Participants will acquire and develop skills and the heart necessary for assisting and or leading worship including weekly chapel services, youth group services, home or church services, kid’s church services, etc. Students will gain a better understanding of and a lifelong appreciation for praise and worship through music, and stretch and strengthen musical gifts and talents for the glory of God.

Guidance Senior year 2 semesters

Seniors meet one day a week to learn more about the process of applying and getting to college: admissions process, financial aid and scholarships, housing, etc. They also study the book “Wisdom for the Road Ahead: How to Stay Christian in College” that discusses topics like accountability, getting a mentor, dating and relationships, roommates, study habits, time management, being spiritually ready for the college classroom, and more. This is also when Seniors plan the graduation ceremony and work on their Senior pages for the yearbook. Since this class meets once per week, it is graded Pass/Fail, earns no credits, and will not appear on transcripts.