Dress Code

Dress Code Policy

The dress of students at Christian Life Academy reflects the beliefs, expectations, and mission of the school to visitors, prospective students, and the community.  We believe that standardized dress will help foster a positive learning atmosphere by;

  1. Fostering a strong school spirit and unity of the students as a body.  The students become more accountable for their behavior because they visibly represent Christian Life Academy to the community around them.  It allows the school to present a dignified image to visitors or when away from the school for field trips, etc.
  2. Setting simple, clear standards so that faculty, parents, and students all have a solid understanding of what is and is not acceptable.
  3. Helping to remove the pressure to conform to this world’s standards by promoting a high standard of clean, neat, and modest appearance.  (1 Timothy 2:9, 10; Romans 12:21)
  4. Freeing staff and administration from the distraction of policing a dress code, and allowing them to focus on the hearts and minds of the students.
  5. Eliminating a competitive spirit regarding clothing among students and its attendant financial pressures on families.
  6. Reducing daily stress over what to wear and parent-student conflicts over appropriate attire.

Finally, we believe that over the long-term, our families will find that standardized dress can reduce clothing expense. At the end of the school year, we facilitate a used clothing sale to help families sell unwanted clothing and have the opportunity to purchase used clothing for the upcoming school year.

A limited number of subsidies are available to help those families for whom the cost of clothing is too great a burden.  Applications for assistance are available from the financial office and will be kept confidential.

In order to stay consistent throughout the student body, all dress code items must be purchased through our vendor Donald’s Uniform.  See the Student Handbook for full dress code policy details.