High School

Teaching Christian Teens While Preparing them for the Future

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We believe that Christian Life Academy offers a unique experience that truly sets us apart from other Christian high schools in the Twin Cities. It’s during high school that a child becomes an adult, forming their views of the world while learning how to stand for their beliefs.

Our High School students are encouraged to think critically, explore deeply and defend their faith as their highly trained teachers prepare them to impact their world for Christ. Students are engaged in a wide variety of projects and activities designed to equip them for success in the 21st century. Our college guidance program and pre-testing begins in ninth grade, culminating in 12th grade, with a Christ-centered “College Life” course.

Take a look at our high school curriculum, and you’ll see that CLA meets, if not exceeds, the standards set by Christian high schools in the Twin Cities.

CLA graduates earn numerous academic scholarships to universities near and far on their way to living out the plan that God has for their lives.

College Guidance

  • Our Dean of Students provides students with individualized college counseling beginning in ninth grade.
  • Students are guided through the ACT preparation, CLEP & PSEO opportunities, as well as college application and testing processes.

College Preparatory Curriculum

  • The rigorous academics of the High School curriculum are taught from a Christian world-view and exceed the state standard for graduation credits. CLA’s college preparatory classes include offerings at the Honors level. Completion of selected Honors classes prepares students to earn college credit by means of the CLEP exam, (College Level Examination Program Placement).
  • High School Curriculum Page

Fall Retreat

  • High school students build relationships with one another and practice team building as they participate in three days of outdoor activities at Camp Living Waters in late September.

Student Government

  • Students practice servant leadership as they raise money for their sponsor child in Bolivia, and host numerous high school activities such as Gobble Fest, Secret Santa, Homecoming and Rice & Beans Week.

Missions Trips

  • Every other year, juniors and seniors experience a defining moment in their spiritual development as they minister cross-culturally to young and old, share their testimonies, and serve as Christ did.
  • Prior trips have included ministry in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Trinidad, Kenya, and Cambodia.

Education Enhancement Trips

  • In the years opposite the missions trip, 9-12th graders take part in trips that enhance and expand their classroom experience. Students go deeper in the areas of history, the arts, literature, cross-cultural experiences, & learning to live in the 21st century global experience.
  • Prior trips have included Paris & London, a literary tour of England & Scotland, Italy & Greece, DC & New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Fine Arts

  • CLA offers musical and theatrical opportunities for our 9th – 12th grade students.
  • Our student-led Praise Team leads worship at weekly chapels.
  • Actors and the tech crew compete in the MSHSL One Act competition in the winter.  These students also produce our annual Spring Drama. Past productions include Les Miserables, Little Women, works by Shakespeare, Dr. Seuss, and more.

Varsity Sports

  • Boys: soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball
  • Girls: volleyball, basketball, softball
  • Boys and girls participate in fall, winter and spring sports within the MN State High School League TCAC conference
  • Students participate in camps and structured off-season activities to enhance their skills during the summer months.

Flag Football Tournament & Bonfire

Everyone needs to have a little fun once and a while, especially high school students. Our annual flag football tournament & bonfire lets students loosen up and enjoy the crisp fall weather.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in Christian schools in the Twin Cities, we’d love to connect with you, whether in person, over the phone, or a quick email. Click here for our contact information. You’re more than welcome to stop by for a visit so you can see first-hand what we have to offer your child.