Campus Life Development 2011-2014


Campus Life Development

Christian Life’s 20 acre property was purchased in 1978, and in 2011 nearly half of the property remained undeveloped. Church and school leadership teams determined that it was an opportune time to steward and put to use what God provided a long time ago. As a result, the Campus Life Development Project was launched. It was a project designed to address several critical campus needs that provide strategic support to the life and ministries for both the school and church. Generally speaking it focused on the following developments:

  • Excavating, irrigating, and seeding the nearly 10 acres of our undeveloped property creating large usable green area for major events, as well as athletic and play fields for all ages, and walking paths.
  • Installing a new large-scale play center.
  • Constructing an open-sided Pavilion that provides for outdoor classes, group activities, and ministry gatherings.
  • Installation of various elements to complete the project including a sand volleyball court, landscaping, and security lighting.

The 4-year project had a broad impact on nearly every age-level in the school and the various church ministries. Since the school has been experiencing a growth pattern over the past several years, buildings and campus development are strategic to facilitating and enhancing current and future growth. This critical step has allowed us to have the property fully developed and functioning.  To God be the glory!