Philosophy Statement / Overview

The purpose of Christian education is to equip the Christian young person with the necessary skills to succeed in life.  As such, it is necessary to provide the student with a realistic, bibliocentric view of the world around him or her.  Our desire is to develop in the student the mind of Christ and to equip students to think, discern, and act through Biblically-directed, Christ-centered education.  To this end, biblical truth and the teaching of a biblical worldview will be integrated in all academic disciplines, from preschool to high school.

See Graduation Requirements for credits needed to graduate and recommended for college.

Course Descriptions

Freshman/Sophomore level classes on a 2 year rotation:

Let God Be God  1 semester

Students will explore God’s character and nature and will apply their understanding of who God is to who God desires the student to be.  Methods include study of the Bible using student activities, discussion, and projects.

Connecting With God  1 semester

Students will survey the New Testament and study key concepts, background, and applications.  Methods include study of the Bible using student activities, discussion, projects, and written.

Mastering Bible Study Skills  1 semester

Students will learn about the development of the Bible and the formation of the canon of scripture; how we got what we have and use today.  The second and major aspect of this course is for the students to learn and apply principles of understanding and studying the Bible.  As we learn a variety of Bible study methods we will be using them to dig into the riches and depth of scripture.  Students will be required to memorize a significant number of scripture passages.

Exploring Faith and Discipleship  1 semester

Students will explore the answers to questions regarding the nature of Faith and what implications it has for the way we live our lives. They will learn how to live out their faith through worship, service, and sharing their faith with others. Methods will include activities, discussion and reflection on various readings, as well as projects and written tests.

Junior/Senior level classes on a 2 year rotation:

Timeless Truth  1 semester

Students will explore issues concerning bibliology and apologetics in order to develop a distinctly Christian worldview enabling students with a defense for their faith in preparation for life after high school.

Missio Dei  1 semester

Students will explore and engage in God’s mission as the foundation for the story of the Bible, as the lens through which we all relate to others cross-culturally, as the centerpiece of history, and as the driving force for living “missionally” in whatever context we find ourselves. The course invites students to enter into a deeper understanding of God through joining Him on the adventure of a lifetime.

Exploring Apologetics  1 semester

Students will apply logic and reason to what the Bible teaches and to their faith. They will be able to explain why they believe in God and be able to defend their beliefs against the many challenges made by an unbelieving world. This course relies heavily on the student’s ability to read and critically discuss what they’ve read.

One Plus One  1 semester

Students will explore issues concerning dating, engagement, marriage, and family in order to develop a distinctly Christian view on these subjects.  Students will be prepared for the obstacles and pitfalls facing Christian dating, marriage, and families today.