Social Studies

Philosophy Statement / Overview

Social Studies is the orderly development of the social structures of the world and its people.  God’s controlling hand guided man through His creation of the land, the development of societies and the structure of government.

At the core of our studies are God’s words spoken through Paul to the Romans:  God makes it clear that a true understanding of government does not begin with a study of political institutions but with how God desires to work in the hearts of His people.  (Romans 13:3-4)  God has used all of history to bring conviction into the lives of men and nations.  Through a teaching of history students can learn to have a greater reliance on God.     Each area of study sees God as the Divine Creator of all things; in control of every aspect of history at work in the lives of individuals; in control of timing of the events on the earth; interested in causing all people to seek Him; and desirous of building our inner self-government and character.

See Graduation Requirements for credits needed to graduate and recommended for college.

Course Descriptions

Freshman-Sophomore level classes on a 2 year rotation:

Government  1 semester

Students will learn that human government was created by God to control man’s sinful nature.  They will study the origins and forms of government, including Christians’ responsibility in their government.  An in-depth study of the Constitution including landmark Supreme Court cases, will help students see how the supreme law of the land governs all aspects of our lives.  Participation in the political process at all levels is strongly encouraged.

Economics  1 semester

Supply and demand, opportunity cost, interdependence.  These are some general principles of economics (macro and micro) with which students will become familiar.  Also covered is why economics is different for Christians and non-Christians.  Central to all concepts are lessons about how to best use God’s resources.

World Geography  2 semesters

Students will study the major categories that make countries unique:  location, physical geography, natural resources, climate, history, language, government, per capita GDP, major industries, and contemporary issues.  Students will participate in projects designed to provide them with in-depth knowledge of a particular country.

Junior-Senior level classes on a 2 year rotation:

US History  2 semesters

In this continuation of American History, students will be required to read primary documents upon which our country was founded (Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, selections from The Federalist Papers.)  The goals of US History are to study the development and driving ideas behind United States History to: a) become literate citizens, b) become conversant with the language of history and American life, c) evaluate past activity and thought according to scriptural norms and, d) see how Americans have lived in obedience or disobedience to God’s command for holy living.

World History  2 semesters

Students will study how God used events before the birth of Christ to prepare the world for His coming.  Then, after His birth, they will trace the impact of Christianity on the events of world history.  Students will analyze major world events from a Christian perspective and learn that God is in sovereign control of history.  From the early civilization in Sumer to the twenty-first century, students will understand how God has accomplished His will throughout the world.

Honors Classes
Eligible students in grades 10-12 have an opportunity to take their Social Studies classes at a higher level, taught from a Biblical perspective.  The goal of these classes is to empower students with the skills necessary to become engaged citizens capable of addressing historic and geopolitical issues with thoughtful discussion and informed decision making.