Missions Trips

Every other year, CLA Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to go on a mission trip.

In 2016, CLA students again ministered in Costa Rica, performing school assemblies in the public schools, participating in church youth services, serving at a food distribution site, and providing a carnival in the park for children in a gang-infested neighborhood.


When on a trip to a Spanish-speaking country, our students do children’s and adult outreach, and participate in Spanish and English church services. They prepare skits, dramas, choreographed Christian songs, and their testimonies – all in Spanish.

In 2014, CLA students ministered to children and churches in Costa Rica through children’s ministry and VBS-style evangelism.  They presented songs and dramas, accompanied by a clear Gospel message.

Costa Rica Team

In the Spring of 2012, CLA students went to Cambodia to minister to children at a “floating school” that follows itinerant families working in the rice paddies.

Team at ruins of Angkor Wat

In the Spring of 2010 CLA students went on a missions trip to Kenya.

In the Spring of 2008, CLA students went to Nicaragua.

In 2006, the students traveled to Trinidad.

In 2004, the team traveled to Corn Island in Nicaragua.


In 2002, CLA students ministered in the Dominican Republic.