Financial Information

2017-2018  Tuition & Fees.

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Financial Aid & Scholarships are available to families that qualify. Financial Aid is only available to full-time students.  Historically, approximately 34% of CLA families qualify for this program.


Pay in Full
4% discount if tuition is paid in full by June 1st
2% discount if tuition is paid in full by Sept. 1st

Multiple student discount– applies to full time students only.
2 children – 10%
3 children – 15%
4 children – 20%

Member of Christian Life Church – 15%
Tithing members are eligible for this discount.

Full time Minister – 15%
Eligible ministers are employed in full-time ministry as a Pastor, Evangelist or Missionary.

All eligible discounts will appear on your first tuition invoice.

Required Service Hours

One Part-Time PK3, K4, or K5 – 15 hours
One Full-Time K4-12 – 20 hours
Two Part-Time PK3, K4, or K5 – 25 hours
Multiple Students – 35 hours max per family

Financial Policies

I understand that by completing the online enrollment process for Christian Life Academy, I am incurring a legal obligation to pay all charges assessed to my account by the due date, including, but not limited to, tuition and fees, cafeteria charges, field trip costs, etc.

Christian Life Academy utilizes a tuition management company, FACTS, to aid in the process of invoicing and collecting tuition and incidental fees.  Tuition can be paid either in full or by a monthly payment plan.  Your FACTS fee will be determined by your choice of payment plan selected.

I understand and agree that if I fail to make timely payments, I may be assessed late fees on the outstanding amount.  I understand that if my account should lapse into delinquency, I will be placed on a cash basis only status.

The registration fee is due at the time of enrollment and is non-refundable.  However, if the school denies your acceptance, you will be refunded the enrollment fee, minus a $50.00 processing fee.  If the first monthly payment is late, CLA reserves the right to remove students from the enrollment list. Enrollment is not complete until all required forms and Registration Fees are submitted to the office

If it is necessary to withdraw your student due to relocation out of the school area (more than 40 miles), you will remain responsible for that month’s complete tuition. If you withdraw your student for a reason other than relocation of more than 40 miles, you will remain responsible for tuition payments through the current semester.  Upon full payment of tuition and fees due, records will be forwarded to the student’s new school. All school records will be held until the balance is paid in full.