Middle School Curriculum

Course Descriptions


A Light To The Gentiles 2 year rotation 2 semesters

Students will gain a basic familiarity with the content, history and purposes of the Gospels as well as the epistles of the New Testament while learning the story of God’s work in establishing his church on Earth.  Through this overview of the New Testament, students will apply foundational biblical truths to their personal lives.

The Day Of The Lord 2 year rotation 2 semesters

Students will gain a basic familiarity with the covenant relationship God made with his people and how that relationship was affected through the history of the Old Testament from the time of the divided kingdom through the exile of Judah.  Students will also apply lessons learned from Israel and Judah’s covenant history to their own commitment to and relationship with God.

Social Studies

American History 2 year rotation 2 semesters

Students will study United States History from the 1600’s, including the events in Europe that influenced our exploration and development.  Emphasis is placed on our Christian heritage and how God has blessed the development of our nation.  Units of study include European Exploration, the Early Colonies, the Revolutionary War, the Constitution, the Industrial Revolution, the Civil War, Westward Expansion, Immigration, WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, the Cold, Korean, and Viet Nam Wars, and recent history up to present day.

World Geography 2 year rotation 2 semesters

In this survey course, basic physical, human, political and cultural characteristics of the world’s countries are introduced.  At the conclusion of the course, students will have a new appreciation for the wonders of creation and the responsibilities that God has given to His people to care for His world.

Language Arts

7th Grade 2 semesters

To improve writing skills, students continue the study of English grammar, usage, and mechanics.  Literature for 7th graders covers short stories and novels, including Island of the Blue Dolphin, Far North, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, and The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe. Vocabulary skills are integrated into reading units.  Public speaking skills are introduced.

8th Grade 2 semesters

As well as a variety of short stories and poetry, 8th graders read novels including Ben-Hur, The Giver, and The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. Reading comprehension skills and vocabulary-building are a part of these literature units.   Students study drama through reading The Miracle Worker and produce their own short plays. They critically view a movie, Into the Barrens, and write a movie review.  Grammar study strengthens foundational skills for speaking and writing.


Space & Earth 2 year rotation 2 semesters

Students will investigate God’s perfect creation of the heavens and the earth.  Major topics include composition and function of earth’s oceans, atmosphere, geology, and land forms and study of the solar system.  Upon completion, the students will understand the order and reality of God’s design for our earth’s systems and its relationship to the solar system.

Life Science 2 year rotation 2 semesters

Life Science is designed to familiarize students with the concepts and principles of living things in our world. Students will gain a better understanding of scientific method and scientific tools. Students will collect, observe, and classify organisms and study structure and function through dissections. Our purpose is to show students the order and reality of God’s design for living things. Biblically-centered instruction recognizes God as the creator of all things.


Pre-Algebra 7th Grade 2 semesters

Pre-Algebra is the study of whole numbers, integers, fractions, percents, proportion, and probability.  Through the course, students explore data, graphs, number theory, linear equations, polynomials, geometric concepts and spatial thinking. Students will also gain an understanding of the integration of algebra and geometry concepts.

CLA offers two options for completing Mathematics credits – Standard and Accelerated options.  At the end of seventh grade, teachers make a recommendation for student placement in eighth grade based on standardized test scores, performance and aptitude in the seventh grade classroom, and the family preference.

Intro to Algebra 8th Grade Standard Option 2 semesters
Algebra I 8th Grade Accelerated Option 2 semesters

Algebra I is the study of variables and their role in formulating algebraic statements.  Students will solve and graph variable expressions, variable equations, and variable inequalities.  They will also discover how these equations and inequalities can help solve real life problems as they use them to solve story problems.  Students will mainly deal with linear equations and inequalities, but will be introduced to quadratic functions.  Graphing calculators will be introduced.  Exponential, polynomial and rational functions will also be explored.